Girl is NOT a Four Letter Word

Nobody can deny how important it is for us to stick together, support each other, and inspire each other. That idea is even more truthful for women, through building each other up in aspects of our lives worth sharing.

I am beyond honored to be able to share my story with women of all creeds and walks of life. If by the time I set my first foot down in Massachusetts I could have inspired one woman to take control of a losing situation, or a transgender woman to pick up a skateboard and find a never-ending source of empowerment, I will have succeeded in achieving what this skate is all about.

The same honor that inspired me to stop having dreams and start having accomplishments was given to me in a major way by Girl is Not a Four Letter Word. Built on the accomplishments of a woman who never stopped kicking ass since the day she had two feet rolling on a board, Cindy Whitehead, the GNFLW brand has been inspiring women like myself to push a little harder in everything we do.

Just because I’m a transgender girl, I’ve never let anyone tell me I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted to. Gender has been important to me on my own individual level, but in the bigger picture, it’s never stood in the way of my dreams. I entered my first Ultraskate in 2016 and stood proudly on the women’s podium in second place with 172 miles skated in 24 consecutive hours. This is exactly why Girl is NOT a Four Letter Word belongs on this project.

“Live life balls to the wall.  Do epic shit. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you’re dead”.
-Cindy Whitehead

As the Trans-America skate started becoming a reality for me in the last month, I sought leaders in the skateboarding industry to share my story and be a part of the process. Cindy was more than excited in her emails to jump on board as a core sponsor for the project, which was met with me quite literally fangirling myself into a puddle. Cindy’s records and achievements in skateboarding were some of the first – and she was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2016. For me, even having the opportunity to speak with such an absolute legend in the industry was enough, but it didn’t stop there.

Girl is NOT a Four Letter Word recently created a micro grant program for women who are working towards goals that will increase media attention for women in skateboarding. My Trans-America skate was chosen to be the FIRST recipient! This skate is being featured in multiple news stories, and filmed in conjunction with a very prominent media organization who report on stories like mine. As I have explained prior, having a platform to use my voice to reach girls just like myself, and give them a strong icon to work off of has been a huge part of the motivation behind the project. With Girl is Not a Four Letter Word as a main supporter, the opportunities are endless to get more boards under women’s feet – whether it is at the park, down a hill, off a vert ramp, or across the country.


You’ll see me rocking the GNFLW threads from mile zero to the big finish. Take a look at the current styles and wear them with me as I set out to break records and make history!

Don’t sleep on Cindy’s TEDxYouth talk. Watch it here!

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