Orangatang Wheels and Loaded Boards

So you’re thinking of hosting a skateboarding event. You haven’t gotten the roads closed, there’s no supervision or safety guarantees. In fact, there are still going to be cars coming down the road during the entire thing. Every company you reached out to says the same thing: “We’re sorry, but we can’t sponsor outlaw events without a guarantee of safety. We need to ensure that if we promote your event, our followers will be in a safe environment.”

Who doesn’t say that? Who says, “We’re stoked that you want to bring skateboarding to your neighborhood. We’re amped up at how much effort you’ve put in to reach new participants and bring together a community where there wasn’t one.” The answer? Loaded and Orangatang.

Skateboarding isn’t about being safe. It’s about hucking yourself down a hill at 50 miles per hour with one glove on barefooted, launching out of a helicopter onto a spillway and over of a 100 foot gap while doing a McTwist, and skateboarding across the country in nearly freezing temperatures. No other company recognizes that “send it” attitude like these businesses.

Orangatang and Loaded have have been supporting my endeavors from the beginning. I hosted my first Boston SKATEathon event in Boston, MA two years ago – an outlaw event that took to the gnarly, chundery streets of Massachusetts and pitted a group of willingly ignorant skaters against each other. Orangatang tossed us a few sets of their Kegels, an 80mm wheel that has been, to me, the epitome of what a distance skateboarding wheel should be.

Ever since, “Otang” has been an industry leader I knew I could count on. In the early stages of developing the plans for this skate, I reached out to them when the details were in their infancy, and their stoke for the idea was motivating.

When Orangatang first posted about my skate, it was met with crude comments about supporting transgender people, which is to be expected in a world that can’t grasp the completely legitimate notion that people just want to be themselves. When I apologized for the negativity on their post, here’s what they said:

“As unpleasant as a lot of it is, it’s also an opportunity to discuss the topic constructively and for advocates to bring their voices to the table.“

Here’s a business so prominent in the scene committed to bringing to light those of us who want to have a voice. I simply can’t think of anything a business could do to put them higher on my list of people I’d buy from first. The importance of using a platform of skaters of all skill levels and ages to promote a changing, accepting world is proved right here with Loaded and Orangatang.

I’ll be pushing all 3,500 miles on a set of Orangatang wheels. I’m stoked to be able to say that, and I think if you want to even ponder the idea of attempting something like this, you have to get some of these wheels under your feet. In addition, I’ll be testing out the new Loaded Pushin’ Cushion, a product designed to dampen road vibrations and create a custom concave on your deck. Stay tuned as I show my process for creating my dream platform.

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