newton Trucks, Battle Balm, and Pro-Tec Helmets

There are so many companies to thank for getting me here, and so many people as well. Each one of them is responsible in their own way for being a part of making history.

newton Trucks
newton is a brand that has had me as a team rider for nearly two years now. They make a product I love to ride. I use them in all aspectss of skating, whether downhill or distance. They’re low and stable, with ball pivots that can be customized to a perfect fit. They have rake, so yo can either get a surfy feeling or a much more linear feeling. This brand put me through Ultraskate when they believed in me, sent me every product I asked for (and even some I didn’t!). I will likely never leave the team – they have believed in me just as much as I believe in them.

Battle Balm
I reached out to Battle Balm for a few reasons: First, the muscle soothing properties are unmatched. During every Ultraskate, you can find me on the sidelines at some point soaking my legs in the gooey goodness in each tin. There is no comparison to any other product – the mentality they uphold and promote aligns exactly to the standards I uphold. Take no shit and do no harm, it’s the only way to get as far as I am aiming for. I am thankful for the apparel I was sent and the copius amounts of product I get to enjoy in all different strengths. You’ll see me sporting the name over all 3,500 miles.

Pro-Tec has been a huge name in skateboarding for years and years – they released their Bucky Pro Model helmet, and the Steve Caballero Pro Model helmet only strengthening their influence on skaters like myself. When they offered me a helmet for my ride, I was stoked, How awesome is it to be able to sport a name so wildly influential in a scene I would cease to exist without? Catch me in my blue Skate Classic and insulatted jacket along the way – no other brand could possibly be worthy of being a part of an adventurre this heinous.

There is still huge opportunities for brands to be a part of the project and I’ll be sharing our stories along the way. Keep in mind how this ride is so dependent on brands like these and those mentioned before, and I invested my faith into their products to make this a reality. There is so much love in the world and I am so thankful for the small share I am granted at the hands of these guys.

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