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When it comes to dialing yourself in for a distance skate, you have to ask yourself what you’ll be doing for a bushing setup. There’s plenty of options out there to choose from as the skateboarding bushing scene has exponentially grown over the years. However, with the growing of the industry came an evolution in our setups – Enter Riptde.

Riptide has been in my distance and downhill setups ever since I started. Beginning as a customer with a million questions, the team at Riptide never expected anything out of me, and was there to set me right. Every single skater in the distance scene uses Riptide in their trucks, be them GBombs, Rojas, or Bennet/Tracker combos. Developing a relationship with Brad and Tracey at Riptide enabled me to find new ways to achieve a better turn, pump and push.

In downhill, I always used only what was told to me. At one point, I actually sent them a set of my newton Trucks and got them returned with a setup dialed so specifically for me. I went on with those same trucks and bushings to win Central Mass 8, and take on the Southern California hills like GMR, Tepe at Central Coast, and up to Washington state for the Maryhill Freeride. Never have I ever been so comfortable in going fast.

When I show off my setup in the coming days, you’ll get to see the full scope of Riptide’s contributions to my setup. If you want premium urethane products with innovative, durable, custom, and downright perfect performance, skate along with me using the biggest name in the industry: Riptide.

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