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You may have noticed that I have been very distant since the tail-end of my adventure. Obviously, the hardship of travel and the obstacles I overcame to reach my destination in Boston, Massachusetts tolled on me in many ways, especially mentally. Settling into a life I left years ago with my family, hometown friends, and the reality of financial woes away from journeying proved to be a difficult task.

When I returned, winter officially began. Trapped inside from negative degree temperatures, attempting to skate on salted and slush riddled roads, and securing a part-time job to get back on my feet was something I never expected. The road to glory was a lot more fun than actually getting there.

The trials of being a trans woman and the ongoing complications of insurance battles to keep myself afloat was also a major difficulty. Mentally and physically, it was draining. Outside of that, identifying myself as a person on the planet became important – before I ran into the issues I did, I was so positive as to who I was. Chemical imbalances in my body jump started what was an extremely dysphoric episode of my life – something I hadn’t visited since I began my transition x amount of years ago.

Far from settled, the light of adventure continues to take stronghold in my brain. I hope to continue traveling by skateboard, setting personal records and meeting people I never would without my board. To set my mind in the right direction and find peace between society and reality, I am announcing that I will be traversing Florida by skateboard in a mere few weeks.

Beginning with Ultraskate, the 24 hour race hosted at Homestead-Miami Speedway, I will attempt to best my own personal record of 215 miles. I aim for 250+ miles this year, simultaneously aiming myself for the women’s world record. After Ultraskate, I will give myself a minimum amount of rest days, and set out north to Jacksonville, nearly 400 miles away. I will be camping and seeking Warm Showers hosts all along the way, hoping to complete the trip in just under 7 days.

I have not sought out any sponsor involvement, and am relying on my resilience and adaptability to make it through. I have minimal funds of my own, and will dedicate only what I’ve earned through my part-time retail gig to succeed.

Keeping me traveling is the ultimate goal. I’ve proven myself to get by on my own volition and the kindness of strangers, and that’s where you come in. As a trans woman aiming to set in stone my place in endurance athletic history, your involvement perpetuates my goals of proving the LGBT community’s grit and valor. I have and will continue to use my platform as an adventurer to advocate for safe passage and success.

This adventure will be much more video reliant. With the warmer temperatures of Florida and the close proximity of resources, I will keep my community involved from the beginning. Though I could never force a payment to have access to my content, any donations to see me through are welcomed. The continuing exposure through magazine articles and features gives the world a chance to see what we are all capable of.

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