Back From Florida: 2 Week Update

What a mighty 2 weeks it has been.

If you followed the results, you’d see that I was the 1st place women’s champion of the 2018 24-Hour Miami Ultraskate! I also won the South Beach Bomb, a sprint race in South Beach, Miami the day after.

A day after that, I departed Miami, Florida with a new friend and fellow adventurer, Spencer Steelman, and skateboarded north to Jacksonville in just SIX days!

I am immensely proud of my triumphs over the last few weeks. I am honored to be named the 2017 19-29 Year Old Women’s IDSA Champion, and USA’s #1 Women’s Distance Ultraskate Winner. Skateboarding 400 miles to Jacksonville after such feats was no easy task- stay tuned over the next week upon my arrival back to Massachusetts as I recap each day!

As a transgender woman, I have fought leaps and bounds to get this far. These wins were years in the making. The world’s most elite skateboarding women and I have competed with grace and dignity, and after all that experience and training it finally paid off. I have so much pride for myself as a trans woman to be recognized by my cohorts for all of this hard work.

My greatest hope from my success is that women and trans women alike can take our platform and learn from it- nobody should be afraid to put themselves on the line in the name of greatness. As a pioneer for trans women in an athletic world, I hope that other ladies like myself will continue to sweat and persevere.

This isn’t the last you’ve heard from me. I aim to one day hold a women’s world record in distance skateboarding and seek new adventures for my backpack and skateboard to join me on. Thank you all for being a part of my journey and success!!

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