Trans-America: Drive Cross Country and More!

Gee, it has been so, so long since I’ve made any progress on updating. I haven’t forgotten – I still owe you the remaining 8 days of Skate Cross Country, and 4 days of Skate Florida. They’re coming, I promise!

Welcome to the new Skate Cross Country. I decided to jump back into using WordPress to publicize my adventures. I was finding the Tumblr interface to be extremely limiting as far as creating a full fledged website goes, so I moved over to my favorite CMS platform with amazing results. Doesn’t it look great? Hours and hours went into building this from the ground up, and I’m extremely excited to share it with you.

You may have noticed a key detail – That’s right. now redirects to my own name brand. This is a part of an effort to localize all of my adventures, all of my accomplishments, and anything I can offer to the world in one place. The home page shows off my personal resume and web design/social media portfolio, which is now my main source of income, and is now my athletic/adventuring page. I’m excited about this switch. I can still maintain all of my amazing followers from the Tumblr universe (5,000 and counting!) and have a way to optimize myself for a grander audience.

There are a lot of cool new things happening in my life. First and foremost is the fact that I am relocating from Salem, Massachusetts to Jamestown, North Dakota. With my girlfriend at my side and a positive attitude, I am embarking into the great wide plains of the Midwest to chase my adventuring dreams, find solace in isolation, write my book (hint, hint), and focus on freelancing. What’s even more exciting about moving to North Dakota is the potential for adventure. After having skated literally across every state line that borders Massachusetts over the last 3 years, I’ve grown tired of the New England way of life and especially the same scenery. Returning from not one, but two massive skateboarding adventures to the land I grew up in was nothing short of disappointing.

I’m not just flying to North Dakota and starting over (which would be in my own typical fashion). My girlfriend and I are taking a two week long road trip (I know…cars) around the USA and hitting every major National Park, every morsel of American history, every roadside attraction, and seeing every single one of my friends I have made along the way.

Along the route, I’m taking extra time to get even further into my skateboarding beginnings. With the help of Original Skateboards, Orangatang Wheels, newton Trucks, and G|Bomb Longboards, I have built a really stellar skate setup designed for hitting quick hills, slamming stair sets, and sliding around like a fool with the finest American backdrops behind me. My skateboarding, although centralized to downhill and long distance, has always been deeply rooted in double-kick, popsicle-stick riding on streets and parks – and I’m bringing it back into my life.

You’ll notice on my blog page I have a section labeled “Events.” This is a pretty simple calendar I’m using for upcoming skateboarding adventures. The most prominent one is coming up in late May to early June. I’m intending to get my first bicycle in 10 years, and take the long haul from North Dakota to Georgia, strapped with a skateboard, to compete in the Chief Ladiga Sk8 Challenge. This 3 day race has been a pinnacle of my skate career, and it’s something I hold near and dear to myself – so I figured, why not tie in my lust for adventure to my love of competition? While the adventure is very much in it’s infancy of being planned, it’s an endeavor I couldn’t be more excited about.

It’s important for me to note that now that I have made adventuring a much more special part of my being, I have begun building a life that accommodates it. With my own work-from-home business building beautiful websites just like this one , the opportunity to work for myself and never have to worry about getting hired to do a job I simply don’t want to is much more apparent. I am entirely optimistic that my experience, knowledge, and connections will allow me to work with small businesses, freelancers, and athletes who need their own corner of the world wide web. The number one form of advertising is the word of mouth! If you’re interested in helping me out by allowing me to help you out, the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for your undying support of everything I do- keep your eyes peeled for upcoming projects, new recaps from past adventures, and especially my new embarkment to the Midwest!

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