Buzzfeed: Meet Skateboarder Calleigh Little, The Trans Woman Who Just Skateboarded Across the Country

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After many months of interviews with Buzzfeed Contributor Morgan Sung, Buzzfeed finally released my in-depth story in a series about travelers and traveling. This article is a summation of me, my life, and the events that happened before, during and after my adventure across the country on a skateboard. I’m absolutely honored to be a part of this series, and to be able to share my story with an up and coming generation of people who seek to be inspired to be the most they can be.

If there’s a takeaway from what I’ve accomplished, it’s that every small step forward can be a part of your story into success. Take my story, make your own, own it, and share it.

Moving forward, I’m excited to be releasing the Drive Cross Country blogs. Every Friday I will release a new one about my 13 day adventure throughout the USA by car to my new home in Jamestown, North Dakota. This will be a lead up to two books I am writing in the background with tentative titles: one about my adventure and one about life after it.

In the upcoming weeks that will be producing lots of content, I am also building up to cycle from North Dakota to Georgia- an adventure I’ve been planning since December. As I continue to pursue life on the road, keep pursuing your own interests. Some day they might be worth something.

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