Carrion, Carried On – Now Shipping

The first box of copies of Carrion, Carried On have shipped! The books arrived last week to my doorstep and they look great – they are 27 ounces (1 pound, 11 ounces) a piece, which is hefty as all hell. The quality is really amazing and something I am exceptionally proud of.

Shipping prices and Paypal fees unfortunately have been pummeling me through the online store, and the first few orders have been sold at-cost, which is unfortunately not sustainable for the future. The books themselves are $22.99 a piece with a $1 Paypal fee, and all books ship USPS media mail unless international.

Regardless, there are still about 30 other copies from the Kickstarter campaign to get out, and I’m having a ton of fun signing them all for you – also if you noticed, every copy sold on my online shop does come with a signature as well. Keep an eye out on your mailbox – I do not have tracking numbers available for Kickstarter purchasers but will be giving them out for purchases via my website.

Thanks again for your support!

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