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Need an early holiday gift? Maybe you were waiting for the right chance to make a purchase. That time is NOW! My book, ‘Carrion, Carried On’ is officially on sale through October 26th with 15% all ebook and print orders.

I’m gearing up to move out of my North Dakota Adventure with my lovely girlfriend and kitten, both of whom have facilitated and made my time here magical. After a last minute trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park to see anything we may have missed before, we’re officially ready for the next chapter in our lives.

We’re torn between moving back to Massachusetts for the winter to see family and friends, or to stop in and make a quick leave for Florida. No matter what, it all builds up to my next adventure of skateboarding the entire state of Florida, this time from North to South!

Your purchase during the sale supports our new move, which will take place in our kick-ass VAN! It costs a lot to get a behemoth like this on state-wide adventures, so any contribution made through a purchase is received with love. Orders will ship out through October 26 and be put on hold until we make it back to MA!

Get a copy here:

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