Hiking the North Dakota Badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is easily one of my personal favorite national parks here in the United States. Though admittedly a newbie to national park exploration, I have come to find out exactly what I look for in a national park experience: history, hiking, and beauty. All national parks have their own specific brand [...]

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9 Things Not to Bring – Gear You Won’t Miss On a Long Distance Adventure

Going long distance is no joke. Going long distance for multiple days at a time is even less of a joke -- often times it could end be life or death, or, at the very least the difference between being able to use those muscles that got you as far as they did. Cycle tourers [...]

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The First American Women’s Boston Marathon Winner in 33 Years – What Does It Mean for the Future of Endurance Sports?

Following up on this article about gender diversity in athletics, we've just witnessed history being made as Desiree Linden, 34, became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years. The conditions were monumentally against her - chilling temperatures, freezing rain, countering wind, and 33 years of male dominance in her endurance [...]

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So You Finished an Epic Adventure. Now What?

You're one of the lucky few. One of those crazy people idolized by your friends for your ambition and bravery. You packed up everything, planned it all out, spent thousands on preparations, and embarked on your fantasized adventure. You endured hard days, amazing days, good weather, bad weather, loneliness and physical prowess. That's right- you [...]

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